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This is War on Chyrhyn, a steampunk themed battleship game where you must manage your airship while dealing with invisible enemies on the war-filled world of Chyrhyn. Your only hope is your radar, but be careful! Your generator will run out of power eventually, and you cant look at the radar while you shoot the cannon. If you have time to spare, build some more ammunition and buy more bombs. Go to the research facility to upgrade your ship over time with three unique talent trees, giving you a unique experience every time! How long can you survive? Only time will tell...

How to Play

Your goal is to survive as long as you can. Every enemy in the game is invisible due to the fog in the environment. Your only hope is to use your radar to see them coming. 

To aim: Either press A and D (Left and Right) to turn the ship, or you may click on the left or right hand screen with your mouse to turn the ship around.

Menu: Press Esc.

To shoot: Press the big red button on the bottom, press press the Spacebar. It has a five second timer, so you may only shoot once every five seconds. To the right of the button, you have a pink button with an image of a bullet and a number. This shows you what ammo you are using, as well as how much is left. Click the button to switch between bullets and bombs, or press Tab.

The Generator: THIS IS IMPORTANT. The Generator is the most important part of the ship. Without it, you cannot access anything besides the cannon on your ship. Meaning, you need the Generator on in order to access the radar, the shop, and the research center. When you click on the Generator button (Green button with a lightning bolt), you will find a circuit. Drag the white dots on the other end of its line. Once all dots are at the other side, the power turns on, and you can access the rest of the ship. I recommend doing this right away.

The Shop: The shop is where you can buy upgrades for your ship, as well as buy more ammo. Each time you destroy a ship, you will gain a material for the type of ship it was. For example, a copper ship will drop one copper. The bottom of the shop will show you how much of each type of material you have at your disposal. 

The Research Center: Think of the research center as a talent tree. You may upgrade your ship with different talents. For example, you may increase the health of your ship, or your fire rate to shoot faster. There are 3 different talent trees. Damage, Defense, and Support. The Damage tree allows you to upgrade your weapon. The Defense tree upgrades your ship. The Support Tree upgrades your ship but in a more supportive way, such as helping your radar.

The UI: The top left hand corner shows how much time has passed over all. The timer on the right shows how long the power will be on. The health bar is on the top right. In chronological order for the buttons from left to right: Shop, Research Center, Fire button, Ammo switch button, Generator, Radar.

The blue bar next to the Fire Button is to show your shield. This is similar to health. When a ship hits you, if you have a shield, you will lose one shield and not take damage, otherwise you will take damage.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Management, Singleplayer, Steampunk


War on Chyrhyn Windows.zip 37 MB
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