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Mythos has won Best In Show at the 2022 MAGD Expo at UW-Whitewater!


Mythos is a virtual CCG (collection card game) where you forge your own decks to battle against another valiant opponent for the ultimate goal of claiming victory. Create your own account and play today!

This game was created as a MAGD final capstone project at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. https://mythosccg.wixsite.com/mythos


  • Multiplayer Functionality. 
    • Users can create accounts, make decks and save their decks to their accounts.
    • Matchmaking. Users can go into the matchmaking lobby to go up against a random user to play Mythos. Each user when going into matchmaking may select a deck of their own creation.
  • Immersive Story line with lore embedded into each card. 
  • Unique sketches and renders for each card. 
  • 120 unique cards to play with.


  • Adam Weber: Programming Head - Design Co-lead
  • Salem Radey: Art Head - Design Co-lead
  • Spencer Carey: Narrative Head
  • Shane Tremel: Marketing Head
  • Kelsey Preisler: Art Lead
  • Nathaniel Morris: Programming Lead
  • Katie Pollock: Artist
  • Tierney Breitkrutz: Narrative - UI Designer
  • Javier Martinez: Programmer - Design
  • Lara Dionson: 3D Artist
  • Joey Pumo: Narrative
  • Dylan Oelke: Programmer
  • Jake Sefranek: Artist
  • Derek Woodard: Programmer


Mythos_Macbuild.app.tar.gz 131 MB
Mythos_WindowsBuild.zip 122 MB

Development log


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