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FISH GOLF! You are a fish, not just any fish, but a fish who competes in the most royal and most prestigious sport of all...Fish Golf...and not just ANY event, but the 1st Annual Fish Golf Charity Tournament Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition. You will battle up to 4 other competitive fishy pals as you attempt to reach the sink before they do. You will compete in 5 very unique courses, each with a different theme and atmosphere. Fight for the crowd's entertainment and your undying glory as you pave your way to the top of the Fish Golf mountain of heroes, but be cautious. You are not alone in your quest for dominance.

How to play

Aim with your mouse. Your first left click will begin the power bar. The more the bar is filled up, the more power the fish will fly. The next click will be for the angle bar, which will dictate the angle of which you fly. Your third click will release the fish. Press SPACEBAR to flop in any direction you wish. You may only flop twice per turn, and you must be on the ground to do so. Also, you may only flop after your initial launch. 

There are two modes; easy mode and hard mode. Easy mode allows you to not have to worry about the puddles on the ground. Meaning you can launch wherever and land wherever you like without a worry in the world. In hard mode, you must land in a puddle to proceed. Otherwise you will start at the beginning. Do you have what it takes?

Created during the Global Game Jam 2020.

Programmers: Adam Weber, Lance Pearson

Artists: Nathan Karrels, Nikkos Horaitis, Ethan Pawinski, BenevolentWhale

Music used by https://www.bensound.com/ .

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsZaidis, Lance, BenevolentWhale
Tags3D, Cute, Funny, Unity


Fish Golf Windows.zip 44 MB
Fish Golf Mac.app.zip 47 MB
Fish Golf Mac.app.tar.gz 46 MB

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